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You have a voice in drug prevention

The state of Ohio has multiple programs available that can help you Start Talking! to your children about the risks associated with drugs, including prescription medicines. Simply having regular conversations with your kids is an effective tool to prevent drug abuse. Two programs described below -- Parents360 Rx and Know! -- are available to help you understand the risks to your children and learn simple, effective strategies to act. These programs also have a component for schools to use so that your messages at home are reinforced.  Use the information on this website to protect your children, your loved ones and yourself from prescription medicine abuse.

Parents360 Rx

Parents360 Rx is a program developed by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to increase parents’ knowledge of substance abuse and improve a parent’s confidence in their ability to speak with teens about substance abuse, particularly prescription drugs. The program has proven successful in communities across the country, resulting in more conversations at home and throughout the community to deter drug use.

Parents can utilize the Parents360 Rx Action Toolkit to learn about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. The toolkit can also be used by any concerned adults who want to host an informational session for their friends, family, neighbors and organizations to which they belong.

The Toolkit consists of a video, a discussion guide and a small number of documents, and is available to individuals and organizations at no charge. Program hosts show the short (11-minute) video, which addresses the impact of medicine abuse on real families, to stimulate an informal discussion. The focus of this video is prescription medicine abuse, considered by many to be the biggest substance abuse threat we currently face and one that is unknown to many parents and underestimated by many others. While medicine abuse is the focus, the discussion may be guided to include other substance abuse topics as desired.

Technical assistance on using this new tool is available upon request

Action Toolkit

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The Parents360 Rx video includes a montage of compelling, real-life stories of five families’ struggles with medicine abuse.
Download the video in high-definition (222 MB) or low-resolution (80 MB).

Parents360 Rx Video

Watch the video for Parents 360
Know! Parent Tips

Know! provides parents (or grandparents and other caregivers) with twice monthly, FREE Know! Parent Tips via email that contain current facts about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as action steps they can take to help children resist using.

We’ve asked schools around the state to share these messages with you, but parents, grandparents and other caregivers can also sign up below to receive these messages directly.

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1 in 6 teens has used a prescription drug to get high or change their mood.

Simply talking is effective
Launched in 2001, CASAColumbia Family Day is a national movement to celebrate parental engagement as an effective tool to help keep America’s kids substance free. Visit the website to learn more.
Scare tactics don’t work
Strategies based on fear are not an effective approach to prevention. More than 60 years of studies show that fear based approaches just don’t work and can increase problem behavior. Know! Parent Tips provide guidance on how to start the conversation without using scare tactics.
A mothers’ story
A mother's story...Danielle Smoot

Read “A mother’s story,” by Danielle Smoot of New Carlisle, Ohio