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We can speak with one voice

Teachers, principals and other school officials make an impact on the lives of their students each school day. Start Talking! asks Ohio’s schools to embrace this youth drug prevention initiative and help to build a drug-free future for Ohio’s students by utilizing one or more of the four programs that comprise the initiative, including: Parents360 Rx, Know!, 5 Minutes for Life and Resiliency.

How do I run a Parents360 Rx program?

Parents360 Rx is a program developed by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to increase parents’ knowledge of substance abuse and improve a parent’s confidence in their ability to speak with teens about substance abuse, particularly prescription drugs. The program has proven successful in communities across the country, resulting in more conversations at home and throughout the community to deter drug use.

Schools may host a Parents360 Rx education program for parents. A toolkit is available to guide program development and discussion during a parent assembly.

Action Toolkit

Parents 360 Action Toolkit Button
To host a parent assembly at your school, contact:
Eric Wandersleben
Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Phone: (614) 728-5090
Know! TEACHable Moments

When it comes to preventing children from drinking, smoking or using other drugs, parents are a child’s first line of defense. Who else has heavy influence on children? TEACHERS!

Teachers are powerful influencers in their students’ lives. What is shared in the classroom can positively impact a child’s decision not to use alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other drugs. Teachers have an incredible opportunity to guide students toward making healthy, drug-free lifestyle choices. That is why Drug Free Action Alliance created TEACHable Moments, which are specially designed tips for educators, sent out via email twice monthly for FREE. They contain news that teachers can use to get those critical prevention talks started in the classroom.

To involve your school in prevention efforts, contact:
Ann Frazier
Ohio Department of Education
Phone: (614) 728-6946
5 Minutes for Life

5 Minutes for Life centers on Ohio State Troopers and Ohio National Guard members, as well as local law enforcement, talking for five minutes with student-athletes from high school sports teams before or after a practice about responsible decision-making, leadership and encouraging those in their peer group to live a drug-free lifestyle.  This new educational campaign aims to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, illegal drug use among high school students and other young adults. The campaign, which began in the Fall of 2013, is a joint effort of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio High School Athletic Association, Ohio National Guard and Ohio Department of Public Safety.

To connect your school to the campaign, contact:

S/Lt. Anne R. Ralston
Ohio State Highway Patrol Public Affairs Commander
Phone: 614-752-2792

Visit the Facebook page for 5 Minutes for Life

Building Youth Resiliency

Good behavioral health among young people is essential to resisting substance abuse and addiction. The Office of Ohio First Lady Karen W. Kasich, in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives and the Departments of Aging, Job and Family Services, and Mental Health and Addiction Services, is reviewing applications for programming implementation by September 2014 that will assist local communities in utilizing evidence-based programs to build youth resilience and resistance to substance use. Click here to learn more about the RFA process.

To learn more about Resiliency, contact:
Molly Stone
Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Phone: (614) 728-6866
Please send questions about the Request For Applications to