Businesses: Let's partner together


Business page photoReaching parents, mentors and peers to educate and equip them to talk with youth about drug use is central to the success of Start Talking! This is where your business comes in.

Below are a few ways we can partner to reach these influencers. These tactics can be incorporated into already effective and implemented communications that your businesses uses on a regular basis. Please join us and take the Start Talking! pledge.

Start Talking! Tips for Businesses

  1.  Place Start Talking! signage throughout your place of business

  2.  Display a video clip on in-store TVs

  3.  Promote Start Talking! by placing messaging on bags and receipts

  4.  Incorporate Start Talking! on your website and promote Start Talking! through your social media platforms

  5.  Share the important Start Talking! messaging through your communications list servs

  6.  Host a drug take-back day

  7.  Provide consumer incentives for consumers who sign up for the Parent Know! tips