Elected Officials: You can help spread the word.


Elected Officials Page PhotoAs an elected official, you are the representative and the voice for your community. You know that no community is immune to the dangers of drugs. These drugs are sneaking their way into our schools and communities.

Together, we can work to educate and talk to our youth about these dangers. Below are a few ways to use the resources in your community.

Start Talking! Tips for Elected Officials

  1.  Host a Start Talking! Townhall

  2.  Contact local Superintendents and encourage them to incorporate Start Talking! in their schools

  3.  Assist your local highway patrol post with setting up a 5 Minutes for Life presentation in schools that haven't participated

  4.  Reach out to community organizations in the district and ask them to participate in Start Talking!

  5.  Include a video on your website promoting Start Talking!