Faith Leaders: We need your help!


Faith Leaders Page photoAs a faith leader, your congregation members count on you to share important messages with them each week. The members come from all walks of life but at the end of the day they are parents, grandparents and caregivers. We need your help to educate these families on the dangers of drugs and encourage them to have conversations with the youth in their life about resisting drug use. You are a critical party to sharing this message and creating a safe and healthy, drug-free Ohio. Below are a few ways to help you get started.

Start Talking! Tips for Faith Leaders

  1.  Host a 5 Minutes for Life presentation during youth group

  2.  Include the Start Talking! Tips flyer in your bulletin

  3.  During adult programming at your church or house of worship show the Parents360 Rx video

  4.  Encourage your members to sign up for the Know! Parent Tips

  5.  Share information about Start Talking! on your website or social media

Know! Tips for Faith Leaders and Communities

Tips for Faith Leaders