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The social influences encountered during adolescence can heighten the risk of substance use. Exposure to drugs and alcohol at any time, but especially during this developmental stage, may cause cognitive deficits that can impact a youth's ability to succeed in school and the workforce. It’s not just illegal street drugs that are to blame for the lost potential of our youth. 

The misuse of prescription medicines is widespread and must be a target of prevention efforts as well. Knowledge is the key to early detection of risk behaviors so that families and communities can take action to prevent the long term health consequences and associated costs of drug use. Ohio communities must Start Talking!

Community Coalitions

Local coalitions across the state work daily to engage communities and promote prevention strategies. These local efforts are a critical part of creating a safe and healthy, drug-free Ohio. Contact Prevention Action Alliance for more information.

The G.A.P. Network of advocacy groups and individuals formed in response to a public outcry against prescription medication abuse and the heroin epidemic. Members are family engagement advocacy groups and individuals who provide a voice for the thousands of Ohio individuals and families impacted by substance use - especially the heroin/opiate epidemic. The G.A.P. Network can provide information, education, advocacy, networking, training and support to make your local efforts more effective. Contact Emilie Brown at the Prevention Action Alliance.

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